Meet Our Partners: VETS LINK

In honor of Veteran’s Day I would like to focus on one of our partners who is very active working with veterans, VETS LINK.

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VETS LINK is a 501(c)3 service organization, whose mission is to assist veterans and their families through hands-on financial mentoring, outreach and workforce development services. This is accomplished by linking them to important resources upon reintegration into their communities from active duty. The proven credentials of VETS LINK stem from its founder and director, Peter G. Curtis, a Vietnam veteran. His years of experience and expertise have led the way in guiding our veterans in such areas as access to capital, credit repair, lower interest loans – specifically for vets, jobs/self-employment, training, scholarships, sustainable business development, (green) affordable housing and more. The competences he brings are reflected in the resource partners he has put in place to provide the expert guidance that will accomplish this mission.

Because veterans are often reluctant to ask for assistance, our veterans’ reaching out to them is the model to be used by VETS LINK. “By Veterans, for Veterans.”

Major financial matters often face those on deployment and their families, particularly those in the Reserve and National Guard or those recently separated who are trying to reintegrate themselves into everyday life. They often need information and education, but more importantly, “one-on-one” services from veterans who have the experience and/or professional expertise to assist them.

Financial literacy and responsible home ownership are critical areas. Many people are woefully inadequate when it comes to financial matters. This holds true for veterans. More recent service members whose environment is generally tightly controlled have little practical experience in financial matters.

Entrepreneurship and business start-ups are on the minds of many veterans. Starting a business, business ownership and running a successful business, require significant assistance, not the least of which is “capital.” Access to capital is one of the most significant issues that a start-up or established business owner can face. Navigating to positive cash flow by writing a business plan with the necessary financial statements to secure capital is a daunting task and not easily accomplished by the neophyte. Writing a competent business plan requires significant mentoring, which is rarely available to veterans.

Training and “Jobs” are on the minds of many veterans. With the environment of “green,” i.e., sustainability, the need for mentored direction is even more crucial.

VETS LINK is one organization that a veteran might turn to for help in unraveling one’s direction in a very complex world.

VETS LINK will operate as a Not-for-Profit 501 © 3 under the Federal Tax code. It will raise funds via grants, fundraisers and other activities designed to maximize the exposure of the organization to the world at large, but most particularly to the veteran population by “outreach” programs. It is not an easy population to reach due to its diversity, but the veterans who run the organization have wide access and will use the organizations and business relationships they have developed over a lifetime of military, civic, business and academic service to reach this population.

Tax-deductible donations enable VETS LINK to help our veteran community grow in the way that they deserve in order to prosper… a small sacrifice on our parts compared to the selfless sacrifices by these women, and men who have bravely served to keep us safe…a noble way to pay it forward as a token of thanks to them. Anyone making a $25 donation will be sent VETS LINK tee shirt as a token of thanks. Donations may be made by visiting - Donations page. You can also donate gently used items in the name of VETS LINK to Helping Hands.

Another way to show support is by visiting our Upcoming Events page and participating in one or more of the events.

On behalf of our veterans, VETS LINK thanks everyone for their support.