Welcome to Helping Hands

Welcome to the Helping Hands Community Thrift Store Blog. Here we will explore the Thrift Store and its employees, look at some of the great things you can do with thrift store finds and meet some of the amazing partners that we raise money for. In short, this blog is everything Helping Hands. I think we’ll start with who we are!

Helping Hands Community Thrift Store & Furniture Bank is a double-goal venture created in 2010 by partners Steve Greenberg, Allen Klein, and Karen Greenberg.  The Helping Hands Thrift Stores are fundraisers for our non-profit members and the Helping Hands Furniture Bank is a resource for the clients of social service members who are in need.

Our Thrift Stores are filled with items donated by the supporters of our non-profit members.  Donations can be dropped off, or we offer a pick-up service for larger items like furniture and appliances.  Upon receipt, the donations are barcoded to the designated non-profit which then sends a thank you letter to the donor.  When the donated items are sold, 18% of the sale price goes to the non-profit.  We’ve issued checks to members in excess of $800 per month, which has helped fund their programs.

Our Furniture Bank is available on a referral basis and offers gently used beds, dressers, tables & chairs, and sofas for a $10 administrative fee per item.  We are helping a wide range of people in need including homeless people who are transitioning to permanent housing, people starting over following the loss of household items due to a variety of reasons, people with disabilities, veterans, and seniors.

Helping Hands Community Thrift Store & Furniture Bank is privately funded.  We act as “brokers” for our non-profit members.  We hire from the community and have created job training positions for individuals with disabilities.  We are truly trying to make a positive difference in the community.

To arrange for a furniture donation pick-up, please call 203-782-4800.  If you have questions about Helping Hands, please contact Steve Greenberg at 203-387-2266.